1. crashcrashcrash

    Screenshot Galar Written Log General Commentary Thirteenth Time's The Charm: a deathless shield run

    I have plenty else to be doing at the moment, but this is what my brain decided to hyperfixate on so. Posting this in order to focus on literally anything else. Welcome! As a bit of background, this run resulted from my own attempts to beat a challenge that my brother, @TurboBurnout, created...
  2. Couples-Consoling

    Video Galar Mature Commentary Mon Couple's Consoling Isle of Armor Nuzlocke!

    With the Isle of Armor DLC out, we're booting up the save file from our Blind Shield Nuzlocke to have Cumberbitch, the Onii-Champion, take on this new island full of... let's say challenges? Standard Nuzlocke rules, one Pokemon per area, nicknames, and if it faints, it's dead. Other than that...
  3. feraligatr

    Comic Galar Mature Mon Dear Sergio - A Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke

    Run, run, run, all you do is run, but you'll never run away from yourself Sergio is a young boy who really has no interest in pokemon battles. However, when he learns that joining the gym challenge would allow him the chance to escape his home life, he embarks on a journey to become the new...
  4. GreyCorsola

    Comic Original Teen Pokemon Grey (A Sword and Shield Nuzlocke Comic)

    Hey guys! I've never done any sort of form post before so apologies in advance if anything is formatted strangely Idk what I'm doin' PFPFT. I'd figure'd I'd post here since- well, it is a Nuzlocke! A new world and a new region, the land of Galar awaits to challenge those who seek it. Follow a...
  5. POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 8

    POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 8

    Names and introductions
  6. Couples-Consoling

    Video Galar Mature Commentary Mon Couple's Consoling Pokemon Shield Blind Nuzlocke!

    Hello! I'm David, my wife is Ali, and we've been doing a White 2 Nuzlocke run around here lately... but now that Sword and Shield are out, we're VERY excited to show the first episode of our blind Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke! We're going to be doing the standard rules - one Pokemon per area, knock...