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  1. THKS

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Hack Mon (COMPLETED) Set for Uncertainty: Pokemon Fire Red Omega Nuzlocke

    Hello, everyone! This is THKS, and I'm going to be doing a Nuzlocke, and for the first time, I will be documenting a run of Fire Red Omega. I first noticed this game when Jake McAulay was doing a Nuzlocke on that game, and I thought "If he can do it, then so can I!", so here we are. Now, I'm no...
  2. Written Log Kanto General Commentary Hack Mon Fire Red 386 - My adventure in Kanto but it's inhabited by all the pokémon

    Hello, everyone! Thank you for even clicking this thread! I've been nuzlocking for some time now, but this is the first time I'm gonna share my run and I hope it won't be boring. I'm nuzlocking a hack of Fire Red, called Fire Red 386. It allows you to get all pokémon from gens 1-3 before Elite...