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  1. Hayfever

    Screenshot Johto ♠️ How to Speed Run HeartGold Badly (With Pictures)

    Hay Nuzlockers, it's Hayfever~ I have so much work ahead of me with the UCL4, but I'm gonna do this Speed Run challenge for the Spades Suit anyway! It's a speed run, so that means it wont take much time, right? Right? Anybody remember WikiHow? The best place for the worst advice, and often...
  2. TheSilverSableye

    Screenshot Johto Teen Mon Perseverance: A Soul Silver Nuzlocke

    Oh hey it's my first Nuzlocke Why do I suddenly have this chilly feeling? Hello out there in Nuzlocke Land! My name's TheSilverSableye, but you can call me Silva, and welcome to my Soul Silver Nuzlocke! Me and Nuzlockes have a bit of a history; I've been reading Nuzlocke comics since I was...
  3. Zefalcon

    Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Exclusionlocke

    Hey everyone! I'm back from hiatus! Hope y'all have had a good holiday season so far. I'm rested up and ready to continue this series. Couple of important notes. First, Scarlet and Violet are out, so they'll be part of this run now. I still haven't finished the games so I have no clue what...
  4. Champ Siggi

    Screenshot Hoenn Champ Siggi's Extreme Emerald Nuzlocke

    Welcome to my 4th Nuzlocke! Of course none of the others are documented! Anyway this nuzlocke's rules will not be on this thread unless they come up. Anyway here is the first update: Tell me what to name mudkip please. And also if anyone knows how to place a banner image in the signature and...
  5. Kaoru Drake

    Screenshot Johto Teen Hack [TV-14: L:S:V] All that Glitters is 'Not' Gold

    . . . . . . . . . 🎶 Here's a Llama, there's a Llama, and another little Llama 🎶 Fuzzy Llama, funny Llama, Llama Llama duck 🎶 Llama Llama, cheesecake Llama, tablet, brick, potato, Llama 🎶 Llama Llama mushroom Llama, Llama Llama duck-- *BEEP* Yo, Llamagod! Long time no-- MORTAL, I FINALLY...
  6. RubyClaw

    Written Story Screenshot Written Log Mixed Media Just Another RANDOM Lorelocke (Jarl) - A hardcore screenshot-light/written log/story-light HeartGold Randomized Lorelocke - Part 10 is up! 11/5/22

    Greetings dear readers! Welcome to my new run, "Just Another RANDOM Lorelocke", or "Jarl" as the cool cats who hang around the TikTok water fountain call it, or whatever you young folks do these days, I truly have no idea any more. If you are here in the hopes for either the story run I've been...
  7. Zefalcon

    Pokemon Platinum Exclusionlocke

    We’re here again with Platinum version. Platinum added a lot of new things to gen 4. Move tutors, faster speeds, the Distortion World, better catch lists, and more. Before I get into the game, I have a long-winded announcement to make. If you're curious, read below, but tl;dr -...
  8. Queen Clefable

    Written Story Screenshot Kanto General Hack Pyre's Adventure: A Fire Red Extended Run

    Salutations, Nuzforum! Queen Clefable here. Lurked around for a while and wanted to give this a shot. Originally wanted to do a Fire Red run, but then I came across this little gem of a game: Apparently, this is an enhanced and altered version of Fire Red. I've got very fond memories of the...
  9. Fewestc19

    Screenshot Kalos Teen In Your Dreams! A Pokemon X DnDlocke!

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the Nuzlocke Forum community but i thought i'd take a crack at documenting this run of X i am doing. I've done a few nuzlockes in the past and even won some of them so i hope this one goes well. I've had this idea for a while and it's time to put it in action. This is...
  10. RubyClaw

    Feature [May 7th 2022] The Pokemon Exclusionlocke Series [Zefalcon]

    The Pokemon Exclusionlocke Series by @Zefalcon There are many different reasons why people choose to do a Nuzlocke run, but one of the main appeals of the Nuzlocke challenge is, well, the challenge. Many Nuzlockers have undertaken a variety of unique and impressive endeavors before, and a...
  11. ArsSanctum

    Screenshot Written Log Commentary The Long Road - A Hardcore Regionlocke

    Howdy all! I'm ArsSanctum: a long time lurker of these forums and a prior poster! Mind, I don't remember if I used this handle and just deleted everything or if I used a different handle, but it would have been nearly a decade ago... Anyway, I've been lurking about and reading many of the...
  12. Tiefling_Beret

    Screenshot Hoenn General Mon A (Hopefully) Simple Emerald Run

    Hello! I'm sorry if this post is formatted incorrectly, as this is my first real thread / post. I read through the Guide and tried my best :sweatdrop:... Anyway! This Nuzlocke is going to be set in Pokemon Emerald (as you could probably guess by the title). Believe it or not, my introduction to...
  13. Folly

    Pokemon Colosseum Blind "Everylocke" Log

    Hello! This is an archive of my blind Colosseum run. I've been doing nuzlockes for about ten years now, and one of my favourite runs was a modified co-op nuzlocke of XDGoD I did some years ago with my brother (a disasterous run that I am surprised we ever won, mostly because of him, wish I had...
  14. Decibel575

    Written Story Screenshot Johto Teen Commentary Weathering the Storm: A Storm Silver Nuzlocke | Chapter 3 (10/03/22)

    Hello! My name here is Decibel, and some of you may know me around the forums, particularly around a certain person's reaction-locke. I recently got into another series on the forum, and that inspired me to once again attempt to catalogue my nuzlocke on this website. Now, I've never finished...
  15. Repti_0822

    Screenshot Kanto General Journey through the Generations :D

    Hey guys! I'm going to start a new run today, and it's going to be a Generationlocke going through all the generations with a team. The games will be in the thread description and the rules are going to be posted below!
  16. pikafan96

    Screenshot Fan Game Mature Mon City of Stars - A Pokemon Reborn Nuzlocke

    Hello one and all! Welcome to the wacky and wonderful ride that is Pokemon Reborn! Now I can hear you all crying out: "Pika! What the hell is wrong with you!?" And I understand. But you can't stop me. For years victory over this game (in the form of a nuzlocke) has eluded me! That all ends now...
  17. KamikazeSenpai21

    Screenshot Unova General Teen Mon KamikazeSenpai21's White 2 Challenge Mode Nuzlocke!

    Hello, this is my first nuzlocke posted on the forums. I will be posting these via imgur albums READ THE IMGUR CAPTIONS summary: i get my starter, tonkatsu he tepig, as well as katara the azurill, battle hugh twice, go to flocessy town and ranch, and eventually defeat cheren
  18. pikafan96

    Screenshot Unova Teen Hack Mon Ashes of Glory - A Pokemon Blaze Black Nuzlocke [COMPLETE]

    Hello internet! It's me - Pika, and I've decided to officially go insane! After the success of my Platinum nuzlocke I knew that I wanted to keep going, and in my infinite wisdom I also decided that I wanted more of a challenge. (For some reason...) So I have returned once again, and this time...
  19. NightFlowerLuv

    Screenshot Unova Teen Mon Luv's Hot-Blooded Black Nuzlocke

    Hello, everyone! I figured since this is my first thread here and I just joined I should give a bit of background because my approach to Nuzlocke is both very standard and very weird at the same time. I'm NightFlowerLuv, Luv for short! I've been dabbling in Nuzlocke Challenges for... gosh...
  20. necrobinical

    Kanto Mixed Media Teen Mon NO ONE'S GRAY: Kanto Black Colorlocke

    NO ONE'S GRAY A KANTO BLACK COLORLOCKE Gray is a new trainer, born and raised in a tiny town lacking any real stimuli for a growing mind. So, Gray applied for their trainer's license, and the SECOND they obtain it, they ditch their mother and head on their adventure through Kanova. Gray's first...