1. JavierE64

    Video Hoenn Teen Commentary JavierE64's Pokémon Sapphire Connection Locke Let's Play (COMPLETED)

    Good afternoon Everybody. My name's Javier. And for my very first Video Nuzlocke, let's do a run of my very first Pokémon Game: Sapphire. But not just any Nuzlocke: A Connection Locke. Each episode will be released each Monday. So, without further ado ... let's begin. Thank you all for...
  2. Yami

    Screenshot Hoenn Hoenn - Another World

    So this is a new thing I’m doing! I was rereading some of Versil’s classic runs and it really got in the mood to give this storyshot thing a go again, for the first time since 2018! This is basically going to be a light storyshot thing, nothing too serious, in a randomised Sapphire ROM. So...
  3. Ymir

    Written Story Hoenn General Gotta Cook 'Em All

    The Pokemon league was plagued with people looking to further their careers. The amount of lawyers who'd picked up a Pokemon and were on their way to challenge the league increased every year. There was every type of John Doe rising up to the challenge: architects, economy majors, licensed...
  4. Screenshot Hoenn The Grass Challenge: A Sapphire Mono-Grass Nuzlocke (Completed)

    The Grass Challenge Welcome to my mono-grass nuzlocke of Pokemon Sapphire! I've managed to complete a couple nuzlocke runs of Pokemon Sapphire before, but I decided to share my run this time since I thought you all might enjoy it. I'm still pretty new to this, but I wanted to challenge myself...
  5. Corviknight best birb

    Written Story Hoenn Teen Mon Legends of Hoenn: a Pokemon Sapphire Lorelocke

    well, i'm not good at introductions so i'm just gonna get to the part where I explain what a lorelocke is. a lorelocke is a nuzlocke based on mythology. each pokemon will have a specific rule. and to decide that rule, I will use a number generate for numbers 1 through however many rules there...
  6. Video Hoenn Teen Mon Ten Minute Nuzlocke - Focusing on critical Nuzlocke aspects in condensed, ten-minute videos!

    Hi all, new to the forums but excited to be part of the community! I wanted to share Part 1 of my Ten Minute Nuzlocke series: I wanted to create a video series that condensed my Nuzlocke run into short, ten-minute videos to focus on the important Nuzlocke aspects, including encounters...
  7. Sapphire


    Everyone's fav grumpy gal
  8. rosedrake

    Written Story Hoenn Mature Different Place, Different Time

    (here's my port ;o i've been dedicating my last couple of months to surviving my job so i haven't been writing much at all. hopefully i can soon!) hi everyone .-./ i'm rosedrake on discord. paine's enthusiasm has infected me, so i'm writing one too and finally decided to post it here! i greatly...
  9. Vivificient

    Comic Hoenn A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke

    A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke by Vivificient The story of a little girl on a big adventure, getting in a little trouble in a big world, fighting big bullies to protect little people, earning little badges and making big choices, with a little help from some little Pokémon. Awards: Third...