1. ZHODY

    Ruleset A Thread for all my Joke-y Nuzlocke Variants

    I keep adding my joke 'locke variants to this Google Doc: Non-embedded version Feel free to play any of them and tell me how they went! I'm particularly excited about the Reverse Monolocke and Gameslocke variants. The Nefashuu+ Wedlocke is fun too! And if anything confuses you about the...
  2. feint4

    Nuzlocke A website for Nuzlocke guides, tips, and rulesets - Nuzlocke University

    Since last summer I've been working on a website called Nuzlocke University that's dedicated to Nuzlocke guides, tier lists, team-building advice, analysis, game rankings, different Nuzlocke variants and rulesets, and so on. I'm proud of how it's coming along and how much content I and a few...
  3. rowantobias

    Ruleset Advice Rules for PMD nuzlockes?

    curious what the general consensus is on rules you should use in a pmd nuzlocke all i have currently is: first recruit of a dungeon is your only recruit for the dungeon no reviver seeds (which almost seems harsh, but it's not that hard to grind early on if you ignore the plot) no shop (? i'm...