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  1. Master Bryss

    Game of Chance: Luck-Based Rules for Nuzlockes

    Game of Chance Introduction In a world where King's Rock can be banned from Smogon-style competitive Pokemon for introducing "too much luck" into the Pokemon battling system, it can be hard to remember that to a greater or lesser extent all Nuzlockes are dependent on it. Whether it's praying...
  2. Trollkitten

    Nuzlocke Ruleset Video Games The Datalocke: Beta Version (Ledyba, Spinarak, and Togepi lines added!)

    So a while back @RubyClaw did this awesome thing called the Lorelocke, which was/is an expanded ruleset for nuzlockes based largely on mythology. It gives each Pokemon several 'lore rules' to randomly select from when you catch them, and you can then decide whether to catch the Pokemon or not...
  3. Dee

    Unova Written Log General Mon A Fantastic Factorylocke!

    Hello everyone! This is going to be a very informal written log of me taking my new ruleset, the factorylocke (read up more about it here!) through Pokemon Black 2. The factorylocke is a custom ruleset that incentivizes the capture and use of atypical, "unnatural" pokemon like Vanillite or...
  4. TheTRUEgge

    Ruleset Gotta Use 'em All! A Grind-Heavy Ruleset

    So... this one's gonna require some explanation. Way back in 2018, I was having a blast doing way, way too many Nuzlockes of Ultra Sun. I had just finished an Alphabetlocke that had 24 deaths and was also incredibly fun, so I decided that I wanted to do something similar. However, I had found...
  5. Kirilish

    Ruleset SMTLocke - A Shin Megami Tensei Based Ruleset

    SMTLOCKE - HEY DEMONS, IT'S YA BOI ABOUT SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI: AN OVERVIEW Although Pokemon is much more well known in the west, it's fairly common (?) knowledge that one of the main inspirations for this quirky, all-ages game series is the batshit insane, "killing god is usually the good...
  6. Dee

    Nuzlocke Ruleset Video Games The Factorylocke -- A Ruleset for Atypical Pokemon!

    THE FACTORYLOCKE—A RULESET THAT INCENTIVIZES THE USE OF INORGANIC, ARTIFICIAL, OR OTHERWISE UNUSUAL POKEMON I’m sure we’ve all heard it from time to time. “Ugh, Pokémon is so uncreative these days. A keychain? An ice cream pokemon? Game Freak is seriously losing their touch, lololol.” But...
  7. Spectacles

    Ruleset The Super Naturelocke

    We've been told for years that Pokemon are unique little critters with their own quirks and personalities. Any animal is unpredictable, and needs training and experience in order to be an obedient partner on our Pokemon journeys. We saw it firsthand in the Pokemon anime, where Ash's naughty...
  8. rowantobias

    Ruleset Advice Rules for PMD nuzlockes?

    curious what the general consensus is on rules you should use in a pmd nuzlocke all i have currently is: first recruit of a dungeon is your only recruit for the dungeon no reviver seeds (which almost seems harsh, but it's not that hard to grind early on if you ignore the plot) no shop (? i'm...
  9. Spectacles

    Ruleset The Castlocke Corner

    Rather than giving each individual Castlocke ruleset their own forum post, I decided it would be better to combine them all into one thread for easy browsing! I know quite a few people have made their own Castlocke rulesets in the past, so feel free to post them here if you want! I'll include it...
  10. Rumors

    Nuzlocke Nuzlocke Ideas and Concepts You'd Like to See

    I'm sure I'm not the only one here who's had a few different ideas for Nuzlocke stories I've wanted to write or different concepts that've come to mind, but wasn't able to pursue for various reasons (usually lack of time for tackling that much stuff as the culprit). Or maybe there's just things...