1. Moon

    Mario Party the RTD

    Okay. So. The goal is to get the most stars in 20 turns. I swear to god I won't abandon this. But yeah. At the end I'll get two random adjectives and make bonus stars. If two or more people have the same amount of stars at the end...well, we'll cross that bridge if we get to it. We're playing...
  2. LucarioOfLegends

    Roll to Dodge Roll to Spook

    The smell of candy fills the dreary air. Jack-o-lanterns with candlelight illuminate the streets. You can hear the sound of dentists everyone groan in agony. Some asshat is blasting Spooky Scary Skeletons (The Living Tombstone one). It's official. It's two months before Christmas. Also called...
  3. Cirr

    Play by Post Roll to Dodge Roll to Pokémon

    since all the rtds are somehow dead or inactive, here we go i'd copypasta some rules if i knew of any for your first action, pick a pokemon or human to be, and a location either in the real world or any pokemon location. the highest roll for location will spawn everyone there; if there is...