1. Loszgamer

    Screenshot Fan Game Mature Back in business - A Pokemon Topaz Nuzlocke

    I'm back in business - for real. I sneaked out of the forum almost a year ago, after I lost the screenshots of my second run, therefore losing my willingness to keep going too. Slowly I forgot about this profile until now, and I decided I'd go straightforward with a new challenge, starting...
  2. Kit_The_Feef

    Screenshot Hoenn Mature Hack Bad Decisions: A Snakewood Nuzlocke.

    Basically what the title says. It's a Nuzlocke of the infamous Pokemon Snakewood. Decided to tag this as mature due to the fact that it's a Pokemon game set in a zombie apocalypse. Decided to post these in between Adventures in Naljo updates, because I am bored. Now, on with the Nuzlocke.
  3. Lady_Sil

    Video Johto Mature Commentary Hack Other Adventure Sil's First Nuzlocke (StormSilver)

    (Tagged 'mature' just to be on the safe side; we use a moderate amount of foul language in our commentary) Hiya, folks! I'm new here. :) I decided recently to try my hand at a Nuzlocke run. Settled on the SoulSilver romhack StormSilver to play. It's going pretty well so far; time will tell...
  4. CompleteWingback

    Sinnoh Written Log "Thanks, Drayano II: Suffering for Charity in Renegade Platinum"

    Greetings, mortals. After finishing "Thanks, Drayano: A Pokémon Storm Silver Charitylocke", I've decided to do it all over again but on a different hack. Drayano's last work before retiring, Renegade Platinum, is an enhancement hack of Platinum that does what we've already seen from Drayano in...
  5. RedReaperPRJ

    Written Story Written Log Johto Mixed Media Teen Hack Gijinka Poke Band Party - Pokemon Sacred Gold Idolocke: Shining Conquest of Music - Storylocke

    Hello, Happy New Year! Today I'll be uploading my third attempt at an Idolocke run, this time in Pokemon Sacred Gold. I also have seen it is hard to make your run actually something people are interested though. Anyways, before I start, my inspiration for how different this run from the previous...
  6. CompleteWingback

    "Thanks, Drayano": A Pokémon Storm Silver Charitylocke!

    ===== Welcome, folks! This is my first run both in this forum, and as a whole, since it was also my first ever run on Tapatalk. Instead of having it ported over as I previously intended, I decided to fix a few nooks and crannies as I repost the run gradually – giving me time to cook up the...