1. SprungGeoduck

    Play by Post Longform The Nations Game

    THE NATIONS GAME (Current Year: 1900) Welcome to the world – or rather, a strange, blank-canvas facsimile of it. The year is 1900, and while this world may be filled with many people, building technology and creating culture like never seen before, none swear allegiance to any flag. Until you...
  2. EeveeFTW

    Apps Open Roleplay Word of the Week

    I need something to scratch my creative itch so here we go. Welcome to Word of the Week, and Epithet Erased inspired RPG! Knowledge of Epithet Erased isn’t required though! For those not in the know, Epithet Erased has a simple premise: Some people are inscribed with Epithet, a single...
  3. Eagleheart

    Power Rangers: Exemplars

    "...say, Prima..." "Yes, Protea?" "Do you think humans could handle having superpowers?" "What do you mean?" "Mostly what I mean is, do you think they would solve problems, or just create new ones?" "Do you even need to ask?" "Haha... no. Ever the idealist, you are. So, then... how about a...