role play

  1. pluslefan

    Roleplay Fire Emblem: The Queen's Joust

    Greetings noble knights and riders one and all and welcome to the Joust! Your might is called upon in the tournament of champions once more, held deep in the heart of the mighty Valgorian Empire. In no less than three weeks' time, a tourney of the ages shall take place within the palace of the...
  2. Eagleheart

    Power Rangers: Exemplars

    "...say, Prima..." "Yes, Protea?" "Do you think humans could handle having superpowers?" "What do you mean?" "Mostly what I mean is, do you think they would solve problems, or just create new ones?" "Do you even need to ask?" "Haha... no. Ever the idealist, you are. So, then... how about a...