1. Pale smoke

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature Hack Throne of lies and bloodlines- A renegade platinum nuzlocke (on indefinite hiatus)

    Ok so this is the master post to each post of the nuzlocke (So that people don't get lost) Another thing is the rules Rule 1- If a Pokemon faints it is considered dead and must be kept in the box. Rule 2- you can only catch the first Pokemon on a route, if it faints or runs away then tough...
  2. Memento

    Written Story Screenshot Unova Mature Behold Our Growth: A Game of Thrones Nuzlocke for White 2. (Mature)

    Well, hello! It's been a while since I've posted something here. All thanks for this project goes to @Spectacles for helping with getting it off the ground and creating this amazing ruleset. So, this is a Game of Thrones Nuzlocke on a randomized White 2. No, there isn't Jon Snow or Tyrion...
  3. Memento

    Screenshot Sinnoh Mature Obliteration: A Platinum Nuzlocke.

    Here is my signature run: Obliteration! I'll be posting this one chapter at a time, but first, the rules: And now, the run: