1. ramendotexe

    Ramen talks about Manga

    Hi, I’m Ramen, and I read a lot of manga in my spare time. I’m making this blog to talk about any manga (and possibly other comics) I want to talk about. It might be manga I like, dislike, feel neutral on, whatever it is. Anything is free game. Hope you enjoy the ride. For this first entry, I...
  2. Master Bryss

    Bryss' Hake & Fun Run Diary

    Good morning internet, I'm Master Bryss, and it's no secret that I enjoy a good rum hake. Over the last six years, I've had the pleasure (and displeasure) of Nuzlocking a variety of fan-created efforts at a competent Pokemon game: Ruby Destiny Life of Guardians, Quartz, Marble, Dark Violet...
  3. Fool

    Video Original The Fool Review Duology

    Hi hi! Here’s a duology of videos I made before I lost all my friends. They are about Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I hope you enjoy: I’d love to hear any thoughts, opinions, or criticisms. Thank you for watching.
  4. poopawman

    The Nuzlockability of Games Reloaded

    Hello, fellow nuzlockers and fans alike. A few years ago, Noosab Blue had made a forum on the old site (link over here) to rank how easy or difficult it is to nuzlocke various games in the pokemon fandom. A lot of people have been able to post their opinions on games they have played and...