1. ACottontail

    ACottontail's Nuzlocke reviews

    Welcome to my reviews! Here, I talk about nuzlockes in excessive and honest detail. Ever tried looking for a nuzlocke, but had trouble deciding which one to read since everyone seems to keep saying every nuzlocke ever is good? In this thread, I'll review nuzlockes in brutally honest detail...
  2. DIO

    The Mildly Infuriated 'Locke Fan's Review Corner

    ♫ She's gonna take you to the present To write reviews that are unpleasant She'd rather have a Bouffalant Take a diarrhea dump in her hair She'd rather get a Chipotle enema Then get paralysed by the move Glare She's a >DIO and Cioccolata stan She's the angry artistic fan She's the JoJo's Bizarre...
  3. ramendotexe

    Ramen talks about Manga

    Hi, I’m Ramen, and I read a lot of manga in my spare time. I’m making this blog to talk about any manga (and possibly other comics) I want to talk about. It might be manga I like, dislike, feel neutral on, whatever it is. Anything is free game. Hope you enjoy the ride. For this first entry, I...
  4. Master Bryss

    Bryss' Hake & Fun Run Diary

    Good morning internet, I'm Master Bryss, and it's no secret that I enjoy a good rum hake. Over the last six years, I've had the pleasure (and displeasure) of Nuzlocking a variety of fan-created efforts at a competent Pokemon game: Ruby Destiny Life of Guardians, Quartz, Marble, Dark Violet...
  5. Fool

    Video Original The Fool Review Duology

    Hi hi! Here’s a duology of videos I made before I lost all my friends. They are about Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I hope you enjoy: I’d love to hear any thoughts, opinions, or criticisms. Thank you for watching.
  6. poopawman

    The Nuzlockability of Games Reloaded

    Hello, fellow nuzlockers and fans alike. A few years ago, Noosab Blue had made a forum on the old site (link over here) to rank how easy or difficult it is to nuzlocke various games in the pokemon fandom. A lot of people have been able to post their opinions on games they have played and...