1. Fenix Reference

    Fenix Reference

    Reference for one of the protagonists of No Roads Home, Fenix the espeon.
  2. Renewed Refs

    Renewed Refs

    just some fb refs of adi and grif
  3. [ FoRLoVE ] Mortar Reference Sheet by Vixenkiba

    [ FoRLoVE ] Mortar Reference Sheet by Vixenkiba

    I think I might make refsheets like these for all the comic's characters, they are super handy to learn how to draw a character consistently!
  4. [ FoRLoVE ] Eclipse Reference Sheet

    [ FoRLoVE ] Eclipse Reference Sheet

    I created a reference sheet for my nuzlocke webcomic protagonist Eclipse! I figured I wanted to be consistent in the way I draw her and her expressions, so I learned a lot from drawing this :D
  5. RedReaperPRJ

    Written Story Unova Mixed Media Hack Gijinka [ON HIATUS] Pokemon Blaze Black 2 D&D Nuzlocke - Girls Table Gaming Party

    Hello guys, I am supposedly to keep updating normally on my other Nuzlocke run but I feel like I'm confused to write for that at a point, and I only can actually play it like on weekends. SO I wanted to create another Nuzlocke run (variant) because I want to do something that I can constantly...
  6. buster stroud

    buster stroud

  7. era seighin

    era seighin

  8. oliver benjamin

    oliver benjamin

  9. Tabitha Ref

    Tabitha Ref

  10. Stanley Ref

    Stanley Ref

  11. Ro Ref

    Ro Ref

  12. Liberty Ref

    Liberty Ref

  13. easter cunningham

    easter cunningham

  14. veiren volkov

    veiren volkov

  15. mitzi meyer

    mitzi meyer

  16. fault ishimoto

    fault ishimoto

  17. Character Height Chart

    Character Height Chart

  18. REFERENCE - Cousteau Blanc

    REFERENCE - Cousteau Blanc

  19. REFERENCE - Rho Xante

    REFERENCE - Rho Xante

  20. REFERENCE - Edie Rosales

    REFERENCE - Edie Rosales