1. Lefington

    Apps Closed Roleplay For Glory! - A Pokemon ReBURST RP

    Good morning people of Ilottems, and welcome to Escutch News, your source of news straight from our capital city! I'm Johan Collum. Alondra Boolasis has the morning off. As you may know, the start of the new Burst season is upon us. Well it has been recently confirmed by Mayor Lee that Delta Co...
  2. Lefington

    Apps Closed Roleplay Explode Onto the Scene - A Pokemon ReBURST RP

    Anyone remember Pokemon ReBURST? That one manga back in 2011 during the BW era? No? Don't blame you. Well all you need to know is that it's centered around this guy, who, like many others in the setting, can fuse with Pokemon sealed in crystal like items called Burst Hearts into a Gijinka-like...