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  1. caw-caw-robinjay

    Screenshot Johto Hoenn General Commentary Locke-ception: Featuring Add Rules, Randomizers, and More!

    Welcome to Locke-ception! This run, dare I say it, may end up being the most time-consuming Nuzlocke ever posted on the forums. The premise is simple: with every death in our run, we have to finish a whole additional Nuzlocke before we're allowed to keep going. A more detailed description is in...
  2. Rainbow Robin

    Screenshot Kanto General Rainbow Robin's Cool Fitlocke For Attractive People (Yourself Included): Fat Pikachu Edition

    I haven't actually watched/read/consumed Homestar Runner, I just know of the title and thought it was hilarious so I stole it. Sue me. Please don't. *** *** "But Robin, what about Found Family?" "Well, little Timmy, I don't know what to do with Found Family, so go back to the cupboard and...
  3. Zaazaa0

    Screenshot Sinnoh Commentary Suffering from Success: Zaazaa's Readers Add Rules Platinum

    So the new forums are almost here, which put me in the mood to do a documented nuzlocke for the first time in a while. And I feel like doing something dangerous, so I thought back to the worst ruleset I've ever seen and decided to do steal that concept. In case you didn't click the link above...