1. Paradox Roxy

    Hoenn Written Log Commentary Mon Chaos Phantasia- A Pokemon Omega Ruby Nuzlocke

    Hello all! I'm Paradox Roxy, and welcome to my first ever Nuzlocke! Yes, I've never done a Nuzlocke before- but Inspiration and Confidence have struck! Pokemon Omega Ruby is a game I have a fair bit of knowledge on, and it's- according to most- one of the easier games to nuzlocke- thus a...
  2. Derogatory Trainer

    Screenshot Fan Game Mature The Terribly Titled Nuzlocke of Pokemon Reborn "Amateur Hour" edition: Season 4 Finale - Battle of the Bastards (27/10)

    Hello I'm DerogatoryTrainer and welcome to my awful attempt at Nuzlocking Pokemon Reborn. ... Not the greatest sales pitch but whatever... *insert epic guitar riff here* Right some some of you might be wondering why I chose a fan-made game for my first ever Nuzlocke... If not I'm gonna...
  3. Derogatory Trainer

    Screenshot Fan Game Mature Commentary The Terribly-Titled Nuzlocke of Pokemon Rejuvenation: Part 3: Chapter 146 - Do What You Want 'Cause a Pirate is Free. You Are a Pirate!

    Hello there! Some of you might know me already and some might not but I'll introduce myself anyway. I'm the Derogatory Trainer and I'm doing another blind Nuzlocke! It also has an uncreative title like the other one... Welcome to... POKEMON REJUVENATION, BABY! Anyway for those who...