1. Creedance

    Video Kanto Commentary Creedance's Randomized Fire Red Nuzlocke

    I grew up reading lots of the old Nuzlocke comics and reading forum posts of other's runs, even doing my own on my old account. The idea of a more, dark, serious, character driven take on Pokémon really gravitated to me. So here we are in 2022. I'm using Universal Pokémon Randomizer 1.7.2 by...
  2. Rynale

    Comic Johto Mature Mon Outbreak! Soul Ties

    Outbreak! Soul Ties a soul silver randomlocke Kerrin and Willow have returned! Due to a change in plot and art style, I shall be updating this Locke from the beginning. Due to plot changes, Willow will now be replacing Silver as the main rival. Chapters will be updated monthly I...
  3. Vaporwave-Man

    Screenshot Unova Teen Commentary Attempt #2 at a Pokemon White Randomlocke(FAILED)

    Hi. Since my last 2 attempts at a nuzlocke failed, I decided to try it a 3rd time. Crazy right. You know the deal at this point. Let's GOOOOOOOOOO.
  4. Sakurah

    Screenshot Kanto Mature Commentary Mon On a Whim • A PKMN FireRed Randomlocke Challenge[CANCELLED]

    EDIT 09/14/2021: This run is cancelled. For reasons why, check page 3. Thank you very much for your support! <3 Hello! Thank you very much for stopping by! My name is Sakurah and this is my very first posted Challenge run! This is heavily inspired by @Twi's Randomlocke run in Leaf Green...