1. Brendan Farenite

    Written Story Unova Teen The guy from Accumula (a Pokémon White randomized Nuzlocke run)

    Hello everyone, and welcome to this storylocke! Man, last time I posted something here on the forums was ages ago, back when the Tapatalk move recently took place... But I'm going on a tangent here, let's get back to the run, with a bit of context and backstory: Fresh out of a completed...
  2. AdeptMusician

    Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke - Any game from gen 1 to gen 5 (You decide) (I have discord)

    I'm really wanting to play a randomizer nuzlocke with someone, but I don't know anyone willing to do one. If you would like to do one with me, message me on discord. @AdeptMusician#7711