randomized shenanigans

  1. WaterSausage

    Hoenn Other Media Critique Lv.2 General Mon Eccentric Emerald: A Randomized Typings Artlocke (Art Nuzlocke)

  2. RR Sharp

    Screenshot Johto Teen Mon Former Glory: RELOADED

    Time to give Former Glory another shot... And hopefully, it will not end in disaster. *knocks on wood* THE RULES: By The Way, this is not Pokemon Gold but Pokemon Crystal -- Randomized. So here is the log with all of the changes. I'm only including a partial list of Pokemon that I can...
  3. bread

    Written Story [MW2] The Echo - of a Distant Tide

    “And everything under the sun is in tune But the sun is eclipsed by the moon.” - Pink Floyd, Eclipse Mirror World 2 : The Echo of a Distant Tide Hey all! I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring for this event, mostly because who can resist making edgy characters just to write fluff about...
  4. Uncle Pine

    Screenshot Unova Había una vez una princesa encantadora.

    Había una vez una princesa encantadora. Muchos valientes caballeros habían intentado liberarla de la terrible prisión, pero ninguno prevaleció. Esperó en la fortaleza del dragón, en la habitación más alta de la torre más alta, su verdadero amor y el primer beso del verdadero...
  5. caw-caw-robinjay

    Screenshot Johto Hoenn General Commentary Locke-ception: Featuring Add Rules, Randomizers, and More!

    Welcome to Locke-ception! This run, dare I say it, may end up being the most time-consuming Nuzlocke ever posted on the forums. The premise is simple: with every death in our run, we have to finish a whole additional Nuzlocke before we're allowed to keep going. A more detailed description is in...
  6. Uberle

    Screenshot Fan Game Commentary A Resurgence Insurgence Emergence: An Insurgence Randomized Nuzlocke

    Hello, Xeno forums I am Uberle Now that we're on forums that aren't a nightmare to work with time to get back into my runs First off is the more casual of my two runs, Resurgence Insurgence Emergence It's a stupid title, BUT I LOVE IT So the game I will be nuzlocking will be Pokemon Insurgence...