1. UPDOG

    Written Story Screenshot Unova General Mon "A Follow Me" - A Pokemon White Randomizer Run

    Helloooo! I've loved this forum since I discovered it for the first time in 2011, and I'm finally here with A Follow Me: A Black Randomizer run. (The title might seem awkward but i'll explain it once we get further into the story) I've always wanted to contribute a story to this forum and this...
  2. SomeGuyWhoWannaDie

    Screenshot Fan Game General The Beginning: The Start, The Attack, And the Choice!

    Where am I? What Am I doing here? My head hurts.. "Hello? Is this thing working? Can you hear me?" Yes! Who are you? "Oh thank Arceus, Your not gone yet!" The voice said "Listen, they will be here any minute so tell me..." "What is your name?" My names d*[email protected] Then I wake up. Welcome to the...
  3. TommyLew

    Video Kanto Johto General Pokemon Soul Silver Randomized Unlocke - My hardened version of a standard nuzlocke

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, thank you in advance for giving me a moment of your time! My whole life I've wanted to be an entertainer and for years I've observed other Poketubers do what I love wishing I could be like them. Well, I decided to go for it. I've been researching various...
  4. feraligatr

    Video Unova General Let's Play Pokemon Black Randomized Nuzlocke!

    I'm a masochist with no self control so it's time for a new run! In video format this time! Please be warned that I am by no means an expert editor and the quality (particularly the audio) is really not that great. I'll try to improve on it but this is just something I wanted to do for fun so...
  5. mitzirocker

    Screenshot Kanto Commentary DANTE'S INFERNO [Yellow] [Attempt #1]

    You know, I'd like to get back into nuzlocking and regular writing, but I don't have the time to do anything too ambitious writing-wise, so I'll do a silly screenshot run! Screenshot runs are fun! Pokemon is fun! These new genlocke rules I found look really fun! Still... Something's missing...