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  1. THKS

    Screenshot Johto Teen Typing Terror: A Randomised HeartGold Nuzlocke

    With a decent bag of success in FireRed Omega and the recently finished Ruby, I’ve decided to take on the one Nuzlocke challenge that has consistently eluded me… HeartGold. I’ve tried my damnedest to Nuzlocke the game, but my interest always seemed to have petered out before the last gym prior...
  2. Bakslash

    Screenshot Johto Teen Commentary Hack Mon Crys Cross | Pokemon Crystal Randomizer Nuzlocke

    Hello people of Nuzlocke Forums. I am Bakslash and this is gonna be my second Crystal Randomizer Nuzlocke. I've done normal Crystal nuzlockes in the past, so this should be interesting. I'm pretty bad at the game though. I'm also new to this site so sorry if I do anything wrong. Here's where...
  3. Master Bryss

    Screenshot Hoenn Commentary Copyrightlocke! With Maste® B®yss and EscapeToThe©

    Good morning internet, I'm Master Bryss... And I'm EscapeToTheSea... And this is... Either the best or worst decision we've ever made. Or perhaps one of the most middling. Part 1A: All The Authors' Own Work Okay, admin time. We (that is to say us the people writing this) will alternate...