1. Sparklepop

    Serious How do I insert links underneath my comments?

    Hello there, I am fairly new to creating threads and I want to ask, how do I place challenges or other banners in my profile? I have an Abomi Nation Playthrough that I want to post in my user profile (not as a playthrough, but as one of those things that people can look at under your comments?)...
  2. TheDoggoKing

    Hmmm..... Should I attempt it?

    I'm thinking about making a pokemon x webcomic. But the problem is that I've never done one of these before. I'm also terrible at drawing. I'm unsure about it. Should I attempt to make a pokemon webcomic or should I wait?
  3. SweatingCalendar

    My Christmas Philosophy Class

    Merry Chrismass, Quanzaa, and Hannucka every body! My name is Philoss-o-fee Phil, and Im a deep boy that asks the deep questions. I thought while you guys were celebrateing I would ask you a deep question... "Should our society make jokes illegal?" Most of the small brained...