1. sugar heart

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Commentary Hack a very cool playthrough of a very cool hack

    before you ask yes it's idol election season as i'm posting this so here is your reminder to vote nono morikubo for 10th cinderella girl greetings, everyone. the name is sugar heart, aka lazy-ass weeb, aka local bad decision maker whose runs never make it past two parts before they fall into...
  2. sugar heart

    Screenshot Fan Game Mature Hack 4chan: the game. (pokemon clover)

    why, coincidentally, i am playing with ear buds in atm! what up, i'm sugar heart, self-proclaimed idiot who makes bad decisions, and this is... ...pokemon clover, the /vp/-created pokemon hack that, after 5 years, 4 months, 1 week, and 6 days, has finally come out in a full version. if you're...
  3. sugar heart

    Screenshot Johto Teen Hack Mon in which sugar makes a maybe epic take number 2 and finds more of what she didn't expect...ed

    good morning/afternoon/evening/whatever nuzforum denizens, my name is ai-chan sugar heart and this... ...is a little game called touhoumon ordinary version, a hack of pokemon silver. not gold, silver. title sound familiar? maybe, maybe not? this is not my first time going through this game...