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  1. Anemone

    Screenshot Unova Commentary blaze black but 'e' is banned

    hi hello it is i anemone back again for another run don't ask what happened to crystal of course of course this run is heavily inspired by @Wenitzb doing this exact thing in emerald and platinum but i'm here to take it a step further than anybody should because i have a death wish blaze black...
  2. Anemone

    Screenshot Written Log [UCL2] [Monotype: Bug] Pretend I Made A Bug Pun

    due to the fact that I am not an intelligent person, I will be doing a Bug type Monolocke. while most people are starting with Kanto, I have no access to any Kanto game so I'll just go for the next best thing: Kanto...... 2!! (aka Kalos) is this allowed? Uh. Who knows. but I am doing it anyway...