1. POPLOCKE #12

    POPLOCKE #12

  2. POPLOCKE #11

    POPLOCKE #11

    when hugh plays splatoon they go boonah smh
  3. POPLOCKE #10

    POPLOCKE #10

    lad obtained! bianca sang the key item get tune :^)
  4. POPLOCKE #09

    POPLOCKE #09

  5. POPLOCKE #08

    POPLOCKE #08

    As you can see this is the point when the style changes! im not so confident doing backgrounds linelessly like this but on the whole i generally prefer working like this, so please forgive me for the drastic change..!
  6. POPLOCKE #07

    POPLOCKE #07

  7. POPLOCKE #06

    POPLOCKE #06

  8. POPLOCKE #05

    POPLOCKE #05

    never want to draw another house you guys >-|o
  9. POPLOCKE #04

    POPLOCKE #04

    sorry this page is a little plain bc i injured my arm last week n didnt get to work on it as much as i wanted to u__u im doing better now though! i just had to take it easy this week unfortunately
  10. POPLOCKE #03

    POPLOCKE #03

    i lied actually this isnt a nuzlocke this is a cat comic
  11. POPLOCKE #02

    POPLOCKE #02

  12. POPLOCKE #01

    POPLOCKE #01

    I've wanted to make a nuzlocke comic for a long time, so here I am! This run was pretty casual rule wise I won't lie - it began as a livestream, so in the interests of keeping the momentum going I went easy on the rules. But it was also a hardmode hack and I did the run blind! So all's fair and such
  13. #00 Cover CH1

    #00 Cover CH1

    i started my nuzcomic last yr but ended up getting sick & having to stop. i picked it back up a couple weeks ago so about page 8 the style changes! just a heads up. due to my health there is no set update schedule and there may be pauses in the updates, I hope you understand.