1. feint4

    Nuzlocke Nuzlocke survey - I want you to participate!

    TLDR: I'm conducting a Nuzlocke survey for the website Nuzlocke University, and I want you to participate! Here's the link to the survey! Hi everyone, In working on Nuzlocke University and interacting with the community, I thought it would be a fun idea to put together a survey for Nuzlockers...
  2. RikuKitsune

    Nuzlocke General Pokemon you've never used before a -locke?

    Just as the title implies! What memorable pokemon did you end up using in a Nulocke that you wouldn't have used in your team otherwise? Did it change your opinion of that Pokemon? How often do you end up using mon you've never used before?
  3. Tookie

    [Mature Content] Took's 2020 Madness- Creatively Writing and Backlog Clearing!

    Ayy, double bill challenge, nothing can go wrong. So far, of the words that count because I'm not posting FERP responses out of context I sit at a mighty 102,160/100,000 words. ... It's mighty by my standards, stop looking at me like that. The gaming also goes pretty on pace, having crossed...
  4. FluffySpaceShark

    Nuzlocke General Do you finish your run before you even consider doing anything with it?

    Just mildly curious as I like to start planning during the run, but it really depends on how it's going.