polished crystal

  1. potatoisgood03

    Screenshot Johto Teen Hack CDFMTTATAWOG - A Polished Crystal Nuzlocke

    hellloo i am potato, and i am here to nuzlocke polished crystal (which is one of my favorite rom hacks because it's everything i ever wanted for a gen II rom hack). now, you might be questioning what does CDFMTTATAWOG means? well, i'll explain it! BUT FIRST now, it's time for me to...
  2. Szarrukin

    Screenshot Kanto Johto Mature I, Nuzlocke.

    Welcome to my first run! I consider first two updates significantly weaker than rest of them - maybe it's just my opinion but anyway, please try to read at least three updates before you give up. It gets better, I promise. 31.10.2019 EDIT - it's alive again! First update screenshots are gone...