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  3. Neb

    Neb's Gaming Log

    Welcome to Neb's Gaming Log! This is the blog where I'll be sharing my current thoughts and experiences on whatever video games I've just beaten or am currently playing. Despite being in the hobby for over 12 years, my skills in most genres are not the best. I am pretty good at rhythm games...
  4. Sparklepop

    Advice Video Games Mysterious Pokemon Hack?

    I am trying to remember a Pokemon hack I played at like 13. It was released before Sun and Moon (maybe even before X/Y), and it had pretty much all Fakemon. I only played a bit of it. But the rival's starter in the first battle was wildly over-leveled (at around Lv. 10 or Lv. 15). I also...
  5. Astranova

    Written Story Kalos Teen Mon Balanced - Pokemon X Nuzlocke.

    Uh... hi! *sweats nervously* Glad to see you, I welcome you to this story about my Pokemon X Nuzlocke run! But before we get to the actual story, I want to say something first. Please read it, it is pretty important. First of all, this is written story. Not a comic or log. The reason is that...
  6. Nuzlocke pokémon catching rule

    First of all, Hi people! I started doing a randomized pokémon ultra sun nuzlocke run like 3-4 days ago and i am having a lot of fun. But now that i think about it, i might have misunderstood the pokémon catching rule. Basically, if there is a wild pokémon in ANY area, i catch the first pokémon i...
  7. Queen Clefable

    Written Story Screenshot Kanto General Hack Pyre's Adventure: A Fire Red Extended Run

    Salutations, Nuzforum! Queen Clefable here. Lurked around for a while and wanted to give this a shot. Originally wanted to do a Fire Red run, but then I came across this little gem of a game: Apparently, this is an enhanced and altered version of Fire Red. I've got very fond memories of the...
  8. zombie-zcorge

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Bloom: An Ultra Moon Nuzlocke

    Bloom: An Ultra Moon Nuzlocke Comic By Zombie-Zcorge Hey! Welcome to my Nuzlocke comic, Bloom! This is based off a real playthrough of Ultra Moon that has been documented from start to finish. The actual playthrough ran from 2/20/22 to 3/4/22. Some fights will be altered and some Pokemon will...
  9. Reagwin

    Video Pokémon Randomizer Typelocke Choose My Starter

    Choose my Starter for my Pokémon X Randomizer Typelocke
  10. Debtlocked 000 by Sanctell on DeviantArt

    Debtlocked 000 by Sanctell on DeviantArt

    Another easy day...
  11. Debtlocked Cover 2020 by Sanctell on DeviantArt

    Debtlocked Cover 2020 by Sanctell on DeviantArt

    Cover published 2020 Mar 12
  12. Sparklepop

    Nuzlocke Video Games Worst Grinding Experiences?

    I have been grinding in my HeartGold Nuzlocke and it is a difficult and arduous effort. That started to make me think, which Pokémon game is the worst to grind in a Nuzlocke? Are there any Pokémon that are particularly difficult to train, and what Pokémon do you not want to grind against? For my...
  13. Sparklepop

    Nuzlocke Advice Video Games What game should I nuzlocke? (decided!)

    After the cancellation of one of my Niche runs on the Niche forum, I need to add another project to my list and have decided to start a nuzlocke on these forums. The only problem is, I have no idea what to do and I need suggestions on where to start. I am still fairly new when it comes to...
  14. ghostsnwitches

    General Pokémon TCG Art

    Hey, anyone else really into official Pokémon TCG art and have some favourite TCG artists or cards to share? I know this is really niche, but I thought I might as well get a thread going! On my end, I haven't been actively collecting cards in years since they're so expensive, but certain TCG...
  15. Pre Elite Four

    Pre Elite Four

  16. Amphoen

    Video Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova Kalos Alola Galar Other Adventure Mon My Trainer Career - Multi Gen Leaguelocke

    Johto & Kanto Hello everyone and welcome to the start of my Pokémon journey, this thread will follow my progress through the Pokémon world as I aspire to become a League recognised Pokémon Master! …Doing that is easier said than done as I have to follow the Leagues rule to participate: My...
  17. Kit_The_Feef

    Play by Post Poorly Decribed Pokemon Characters

    I just had the stupidest idea for a forum game as I was sweeping my floors: Exactly what the title says. Basically, pick a Pokemon character, and describe them in the worst way possible. The next poster then has to guess the character, and then make their own shitty description. I'll start: Angy...
  18. SprungGeoduck

    Play by Post Design-a-Dex Workshop: Togetherness Edition!

    UPDATE: 17/2/2022 So it's been two months. This got slightly out of hand. Welcome to the Weigo region! If you're new around here, here's a quick primer to get you started in case you want to join the fun. Most up-to-date region/lore masterpost (huge thanks to @theCape for collating all of...
  19. KV Productions

    Critique Lv.5 Art Comic Teen Goggles and Stickers

    I present to you my pokemon webcomic! "Goggles and Stickers"! This is the story of 2 Pikachus who, after living a very dangerous and exciting childhood, struggle settling down as they become free adults. What starts as an unclenchable thirst for adventure, an addiction to the thrill, and a...
  20. NobleJanobii

    Comic Fan Original General Shaymin Café

    An ask blog for the staff of a Pokémon Café run by a group of Shaymin. Striving to be the best and to provide service with a smile, they provide a variety of dishes for you to choose from. Take a seat! Order off the menu. Let the waitstaff treat you to something sweet, something sour, or...