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pokemon yellow

  1. mitzirocker


    Decided not to do this, sorry.
  2. slinkyarts

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Slinky's Yellow Nuzlocke Run

    "After being found in the woods by a Pikachu, who, supposedly, at his hands, had died - Slinky agrees to help the spirit find peace by earning a few badges. Things don't go as planned. " 1 - Faint = Dead 2 - Only catch first per route 3 - Name all pokemon 4 - Set battle mode 5 - No healing...
  3. pkmnMasterWheeler

    Comic Teen PEA Shorts

    It's time for a new... series?~ I wanted to make fun little one off comics and shorts about these guys still, and figured since it started with a Nuzlocke it would be a shame if I didn't post it here!~ So this will be a series of short little gag comics, and maybe even a few small stories here...
  4. Part 8: The Grand Finale

    Part 8: The Grand Finale

  5. Part 7: We're Under-leveled and Don't Know Where to Go

    Part 7: We're Under-leveled and Don't Know Where to Go

  6. Part 1: Who Needs Electric Type Moves Anyway?

    Part 1: Who Needs Electric Type Moves Anyway?

    Your fearless trainers @[51:@Zero] and @[50:@Tailsimp] set off on a journey through Kanto with their trusted sassy pikachu and a backpack full of hopes and dreams~ Also, we capture some very good babs, and make a small mistake.
  7. Rainbow Robin

    Screenshot Kanto General Rainbow Robin's Cool Fitlocke For Attractive People (Yourself Included): Fat Pikachu Edition

    I haven't actually watched/read/consumed Homestar Runner, I just know of the title and thought it was hilarious so I stole it. Sue me. Please don't. *** *** "But Robin, what about Found Family?" "Well, little Timmy, I don't know what to do with Found Family, so go back to the cupboard and...
  8. TheChickPeaSoup

    Comic Kanto General Mon Peter Griffin's Epic Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke Challenge

    Region: Kanto Rules: - If a Pokémon faints, they're dead dead DEAD - One Pokémon per area(no doubles)- All nicknamed Freakin' sweet! Peter Griffin embarks on his own nuzlocke challenge to become Kanto's Pokémon League champion. Watch out for Team Rocket, Peter, they are totally not epic! Page...
  9. Bowser's Family Vacation

    Written Story Kanto Teen Mon [COMPLETE] Ashes To Ashes

    Thank you for the banner, @Emilianite ! Gameplay Summary (DO NOT CLICK UNLESS YOU WANT SUPER SPOILERS!) To commemorate the completion of Ashes To Ashes, I have chosen to release my Gameplay Notes. Note that I cut many fights, captures, etc. from the final story. This online...
  10. Rastyrat

    Comic Kanto Mixed Media Mature Other Adventure Mon Black Plague/ A Yellow Nuzlocke

    This is a story of a girl who drinks and kills her pokemons for the fun.. I think? Black Plague is a silly story about the best trainer Ross. ----- Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4
  11. pkmnMasterWheeler

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Pokemon Yellow Nostalgialocke [COMPLETE]

    Welcome to Pokemon Yellow Nostalgialocke, a Nuzlocke comic inspired by classic Nuzlockes of the 2010-2011s, as well as my nostalgia for my first Pokemon game ever, Yellow version!~ Da Rulez Only catch one Pokemon per route If a Pokemon faints it's dead Name all Pokemon When trying to activate...
  12. Fullmental

    Written Story Kanto Teen Mon Pokemon Generations: RBY

    2019 update: We're moving to the new forums, so I get to re-post this! Due to the nature of manual thread migrations, none of the original replies to this thread can be carried over. Instead, I will be consolidating the two chapters so far into this one starting thread, and will be updating from...