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  1. Ducklocke Extra: PokeSpeak History

    Ducklocke Extra: PokeSpeak History

    A lil extra for y'all till the next part comes out! Was gonna post this after all the parts for the first part of my nuzlocke were out but that's taking a bit long so here's a treat! Duck gives her companions a history lesson! :] (and cuz I'm lame people that speak pokemon are called PokeSpeakers)
  2. Pokemon White Ducklocke: Part 7

    Pokemon White Ducklocke: Part 7

  3. kikitopia

    Comic Unova General Teen Mature Mon Pokemon White Ducklocke!

    Helloo everyone! My name's Kiki and I'm here to post my pokemon white nuzlocke run in comic form! But instead of the protag being me I made an oc that will represent me! Her name is Duck and she's a optimistic, hyper young trainer who is so excited to start her journey with her Tepig named...
  4. Pokemon White Ducklocke: Part 1

    Pokemon White Ducklocke: Part 1

  5. Pokemon White Ducklocke: Prologue

    Pokemon White Ducklocke: Prologue

  6. Ducklocke Rules

    Ducklocke Rules

  7. Pokemon White Ducklocke Cover

    Pokemon White Ducklocke Cover

  8. Pokemon White Ducklocke: Part 6

    Pokemon White Ducklocke: Part 6

  9. Pokemon White Ducklocke: Part 5

    Pokemon White Ducklocke: Part 5

  10. Pokemon White Ducklocke: Part 4

    Pokemon White Ducklocke: Part 4

  11. Pokemon White Ducklocke: Part 3

    Pokemon White Ducklocke: Part 3

  12. Pokemon White Ducklocke: Part 2

    Pokemon White Ducklocke: Part 2

  13. DreamNotePrincess

    Video Unova Commentary Mon (REDO) DreamNotePrincess's Pokémon White Nuzlocke

    EDIT: Hello, so I failed this run a couple of months ago, and after taking a break I decided to come back to it and take on the Nuzlocke again! Rules are gonna be the same Hey everyone! Since I've finished 2 Nuzlockes for Storylocke, I've been streaming on twitch for a couple of months, and...
  14. spiritoast

    Comic Unova Teen Other Adventure Mon EVERGREEN - A Rewritten Pokemon White Nuzlocke

    Time goes on, but some things stay Evergreen. Ilex Holm, a greenhorn trainer who can converse with Pokémon, wants nothing more than to peacefully travel the region and tackle the Unova League's 8 gyms and battle the Chamption, proving himself to be the best trainer he can possibly be. After...
  15. SerenityVitality

    Fan Mixed Media General Pokémon: Dream Team Quest

    Hello everyone! I just thought of a new challenge! This is Pokémon: Dream Team Quest, a set of walkthrough videos that have an in-story twist! It's something that I thought about doing for a long time now, and I'm finally ready to give it a shot! Now... Let's get started, shall we? This chapter...
  16. Dravos Argentium

    Screenshot Unova General Commentary Mon What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - White Vanilla

    What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - A Pokemon White vanilla Nuzlocke run Hello anyone and everyone! My name is Dravos, and I will be attempting, for the first time, in front of a live* studio** audience, a Nuzlocke. As someone who's been part of the fanbase for a long (long) time, I've of course...
  17. lilycelebi

    Video Unova Teen Commentary Mon LIVE White Randomizer Run w/ Commentary -- First Ever Nuzlocke Attempt!

    I'm doing a randomizer nuzlocke on an emulator for Pokemon White for my first ever attempt at a nuzlocke. I marked this teen for swearing and the type of humor I had, just in case. The playlist of videos will be here: Some information about the run: - Any Pokemon that faints must be boxed...
  18. vizarding

    Comic Unova Teen Gijinka Godless Lands - A Pokemon White Gijinkalocke

    Welcome to the land of Unova, a civilization thriving under the protection of its very many Gods. Praying to the Gods grants one the Gift of Power, and the Gift of Growth. There is a God to worship for almost anything, but the major pantheon is defined by eight major shrines set up in cities...
  19. lucas2

    Comic Unova Teen Mon [INDEFINITE HIATUS] Wintry Nights- A White Opponentlocke

    So I actually finished the game before posting a comic run this time kek, and I'm quite pleased with the outcome of this one! Speshul Stuff Christmas
  20. goldenskald

    Written Story Unova Teen Gijinka Renegade of Ideals(Randomized Classlocke)

    Hello everyone this is my advice; always take notes when you do nuzlocke runs. Because then, when you realize you had nothing truly planned for NaNoWriMo on November 1st, you can just take it and roll with it. This is a Randomized Gijinka Classlocke of Pokemon White. Not too unlike my current...