pokemon white 2

  1. Kylee nim

    Art Comic Teen Myths of Unova: Episode Grey

    Back at it again with the comics, just without the nuzlocke stress! I’ve always wanted to make a mini-series of the events that would cover “BW2” events, and given the amount of effort I made for Myths of Unova, I did have a story planned. But after I had finished the main nuz series in 2017, I...
  2. Bowser's Family Vacation

    Written Story Unova Mature Mon Brotherhood

    Thank you for the cover, @Picket Furret ! Read on AO3 here! Beta read by @Salt&PepperBunny ! (Because I keep forgetting to credit you in the updates. :x) [/spoiler] Their Story “He’s Not Dead” [3/1] "He Decides That It Will Be Different This Time" [3/15] "He Doesn't Want A...
  3. Exoskellet

    Comic Unova Teen Exo Random Challenge : Vento Peanutt-butter-Oreo

    I felt like doing A randomized nuzlocke and sharing it on discord , but I ended up making one drawing , then 2 , then 3 , and after that I simply decided to make a "comic" , and here we are , isn't life great sometimes ? I'm gonna Update it Every Tuesday , Thuersday and Saturday , so be...
  4. Eagleheart

    Written Story Screenshot Unova Teen Commentary Parts of Valor

    Hello everyone! So, the idea of a 'Fire Emblem-locke' has been stuck in my head for a while. After much pondering and planning, I'm finally doing it. I also see this as an opportunity to show off my writing chops. Parts of Valor General Rules Fainted Pokemon are casualties of war, and must be...
  5. spelonberry

    Comic Unova Teen Unovarsity: a Pokemon White2 Nuzlocke

    Hello f r o n d s I was almost gonna shut this boi down but I decided to keep going (whether or not W2019 has to change his name to W2020). Welcome to a bichromatic, super niche comic about internships, death horses, and all kinds of social mayhem. Join W2019 as he applies the spirit of academic...