pokemon ultra sun

  1. Rorke

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Trouble in Paradise - Ultra Sun HC Nuzlocke

    "it's not too late to turn back now..." Title Location: Melemele Island Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 *NEW* Character Reference Sheets Rico Reference Sheet Katara Reference Sheet Bean Reference Sheet Art from others! Secret Santa 2022 by...
  2. Amphoen

    Video Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova Kalos Alola Galar Other Adventure Mon My Trainer Career - Multi Gen Leaguelocke

    Johto & Kanto Hello everyone and welcome to the start of my Pokémon journey, this thread will follow my progress through the Pokémon world as I aspire to become a League recognised Pokémon Master! …Doing that is easier said than done as I have to follow the Leagues rule to participate: My...
  3. Nate

    Video Alola Teen Team CobraStryke LightningBolt Presents: Pokemon Ultra Sun Randomized Nuzlocke!

    Hey, everybody! The newest Nuzlocke from Team CobraStryke LightningBolt is gonna be a Ultra Sun Randomized Nuzlocke! We're gonna be streaming it Wednesdays from 7-10 PM Central time. We sure would appreciate it if you joined us!
  4. Memento

    Written Story Alola Mature A Game of Ages: Four Alolan Nuzlockes.

    Well, given that I'm currently in a hospital, and that the hospital blocks Imgur, I found that I can't update Beware, We Sting, Translucent Legends, or my many other Nuzlockes. But I still want to do something, so this is what I came up with: four Nuzlocke runs for the price of one! Yes, these...
  5. GreyestGray

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Sun's Trials: A Pokemon Ultra Sun Nuzlocke

    Based on a Nuzlocke playthrough of Pokemon Ultra Sun Kalani Kukui never expected to return to Alola after her father's death, but after prompting from her mother and sister, she finds herself in an old but familiar place. After meeting an excitable Litten, Kalani is thrust into a journey across...
  6. GreyestGray

    Soon to be something

    frick, I suck at progress :slowpoke: but I'm getting somewhere now! ... I think. I'm currently in the progress of my first Nuzlocke comic! I've been wanting to do a comic for so long, but have been unable to do so for various reasons But now I officially have a game finished, notes taken, and...
  7. Dschubba

    Comic Alola Mature Mon Sundowner - An Ultra Sun Nuzlocke

    Five years after her family moved to Unova, Lehua Sideron finds herself returning to her birthplace. Motivated as she is to resolve some old, personal business, she finds herself butting heads with all Alolan trappings and traditions that once made her teenage years more than a little...
  8. antingaround

    Written Story Alola Teen Mon Kat takes Alola back from the weebs! Ch. 5

    Our hero may be a communist. We'll probably never find out. Hau may be gay and a huge weeb. We'll probably find out. Lusamine definitely has a tentacle fetish and Kukui's definitely a furry. Everyone born in Alola is a weaboo. What could go wrong? Rated Teen for some Teen cursing. Please...
  9. glancesherlock

    Written Story Alola General Mon Gracidea [COMPLETE]

    Poppy is a Flabebe in seek of evolution, ascension, to become one with her lifelong companion: a yellow flower. Captured, far from home, and among strange 'mon, she will make the journey her own. Friendship and love and that incessant bee's buzzing all be damned. Gracidea on AO3 Accolades...