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  1. prologue 02

    prologue 02

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    prologue 01

  3. apawture

    Comic Galar Mature Mon Astraphobia - a swsh electric monolocke

    hello! im extremely nervous about posting this, so im gonna keep going before i chicken out and stop lmao this is my second successful nuzlocke! first one was in emerald, that one is still a major WIP when it comes to being made, so for now you get the one where i made things so much harder but...
  4. Fool

    Pokemon Sword and Shield Critique [Cancelled]

    I'm going to be making an audio series that gives my criticism on SwSh based on sessions of notes I have taken. This will be a spoiler heavy, highly critical series, that will most likely have a very negative tone throughout. If you do not like cursing, yelling, or someone getting very...