pokemon silver

  1. bhelryss

    Johto Written Log It says here in my report... [COMPLETED]

    Yup, that's a nuzlocke! of Silver! as a datalocke!! @Trollkitten because writing is hard when my heart is sad and the world is kind of a bummer, so. little joys! i enjoyed doing bd wonderlorelocke really informally, but i'd like to at least do a better job of cataloguing my...
  2. Written Story Johto Mature Retro Wars: A Pokemon Plata Nuzlocke

    Pokemon Plata: It's Pokemon Silver, but everything is in Spanish and metric, and the AI is a dick. Content Warnings: Major character death, violence, gore, swearing (including foreign curse words), NSFW references Rules: 1. If a Pokemon faints, it dies. 2. You may only catch the first...
  3. Nenety

    Screenshot Johto General Commentary Learn the ABC with Pokémon! - A Pokémon Silver Alphabetlocke

    Nenety presents: This is it. I admittedly took way less time than I thought I would in order to come up with this particular challenge as the one to begin my nuzlocking career. Definitely not a simple run by any means, but mama ain't raisin' a pussy, that's for sure! Onto some more...
  4. nuclear-smash


    (everything was in general Cammy White's head, there was no such thing as "pokemon") (also that Veemon has 2 armour evolutions and also can turn into Ulforce Veemon X-antibody)