pokemon showdown

  1. REDalchemist

    Competitive General Video Games RED'S GEN. Tournament DX (New Forums, New Me! Edition)

    It brings me great joy to bring a competition was was once originally brought over from an old set of forums I used to visit to the Zetaboard Nuzlocke Forums in early January of 2013. No more than a week after XY were first announced and HERE WE ARE. For the first time on the new Xenforo forums...
  2. The Man of Many Names

    Screenshot General Pokemon Showdown Scoreboard - Nuzlocke Forums Edition!!!

    One of my favorite Pokemon series on Youtube is Pokemon Showdown Scoreboard. First created by Youtuber Hardyt3kyoyo, the premise is that you have 6 Pokemon randomly generated for you and take them to Pokemon Showdown, where they battle other teams and try to score as many points as they can...
  3. Nate

    Fan Video General C&E Central

    One thing you may not know about me is that I'm one of the mods in the Pokemon Showdown Tournaments Room. One of the more popular types of tournaments we host is called a Catch and Evolve Tournament! You can read about how they work here but the general gist is that you are given a starter...