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  1. dragons_tree

    Written Story Galar Teen Other Adventure The Image of Trainer Zeal

    Greetings, gamers! "The Image of Trainer Zeal" is my first written nuzlocke, but one I've been sitting on for a long time. I'm brand spanking new to this community/the general Nuzlocke community and y'all are some wonderful and inspiring people. Major shoutout to @Faleep and Don't Evolve for...
  2. estralita

    Sonia's Shield

    Hello and welcome! Sometimes you start a casual run to say you nuzlocked a Gen VIII game, and you get an idea and things spiral out of control. So here we are!:fairytype: (awesome art by Cas)
  3. WolvenMist

    Comic Galar Teen Gijinka Kindred Spirits - A Shield Gijinkalocke

    Audrey claims she's content with her simple small town life, until an old friend shows up and offers her a chance to compete in the region's annual magic tournament. Along the way, Audrey finds herself caught up in the mystery of the region's forgotten past, as strange visions and nightmares...
  4. Malochroma

    Comic Galar Teen Other Adventure High Ground - A Pokemon Shield Ground-Type Monolocke

    Victoria "Ricki" Foster has nursed a fondness for Ground-type Pokémon since she was a child, with only her Sandshrew Ruby and her closest friend Hop to keep her company during her mother's long absences. Now, Hop is getting ready to take on the Gym Challenge and chase his wish of supplanting his...
  5. bhelryss

    Written Story Galar Teen Mon Darkest Day

    or: how fairytales might be real Hey folks! After I finished up Shield and finished my living dex I was struck with the urge to do a Nuzlocke! I did a pre-trial and got wrecked in the Wild Area and lost right away so I figure that's a good sign of things to come. 🥈Beast for Best Teammate in a...
  6. enbygonetimes

    Galar Written Log General a very unremarkable max raidlocke of shield

    fair warning that there isn't much in the way of scintillating content to be found here. i'm not putting any effort into making this entertaining, bc i have other projects on the boil that i'd prefer to use my creative energy on. this is mostly just a public proof of gameplay for a nuzlocke run...
  7. kaj

    Comic Galar General SHIELD NUZLOCKE - a pokemon shield journal comic

    SHIELD NUZLOCKE a pokemon shield journal comic A little over a year ago I started making a journal comic of my pokemon shield nuzlocke run and posting it to webtoons. And around the same time I started looking around here on the forums, reading other people comics, and catching up on old ones...
  8. apawture

    Comic Galar Mature Mon Astraphobia - a swsh electric monolocke

    hello! im extremely nervous about posting this, so im gonna keep going before i chicken out and stop lmao this is my second successful nuzlocke! first one was in emerald, that one is still a major WIP when it comes to being made, so for now you get the one where i made things so much harder but...
  9. TrainerOfTheFarRealm

    Galar Written Log General Third Times The Charm(A Shield Nuzlocke)

    Hello and welcome to my Third Times The Charm, my attempted Nuzlocke run of Pokémon Shield! I just discovered this website recently, and found the idea of sharing my run through text an interesting one so here it is! While this is the first run I'm posting here, and my first post on the site in...
  10. TheLastUnicornInOz

    Comic Galar Teen Mon Pokemon Royal Nuzlocke (Pokemon Shield)

    Hey dears!!! Welcome to my First Nuzlocke!! I won't get into too much here but I will try and update weekly or bi-weekly. Additionally, this Nuzlocke will be completely changing most of the story of Pokemon Sword and Shield as I have allot of issues with it. As such, I hope to try and do my...
  11. Serg Ref

    Serg Ref

    Soft guy
  12. Jess Ref

    Jess Ref

    She is baby
  13. Sarah Ref

    Sarah Ref

    Main character of Nuzlocke!
  14. Couples-Consoling

    Video Galar Mature Commentary Mon Couple's Consoling Isle of Armor Nuzlocke!

    With the Isle of Armor DLC out, we're booting up the save file from our Blind Shield Nuzlocke to have Cumberbitch, the Onii-Champion, take on this new island full of... let's say challenges? Standard Nuzlocke rules, one Pokemon per area, nicknames, and if it faints, it's dead. Other than that...
  15. rowantobias

    Comic Galar Teen Great Job Team

    comicfury | deviantart this is a generally shitposty and casual comic based on the antics in my blind pokemon shield playthrough updates sporadic. there is no schedule here. if it looks like there is it's an accident
  16. Nuzforums takes on SwSh Part 1: Bad Accents Ahoy~!

    Nuzforums takes on SwSh Part 1: Bad Accents Ahoy~!

    nuzlockeforums - Pokémon Sword/Shield - Twitch
  17. Zero

    Galar Other Media General Total Defiance: A Blind Shield Nuzlocke Let's Play

    Watch us play Shield on the official Nuzlocke Forum's Twitch live every Sunday at 7:30 EST with @ZeroProStudio and @TailsImp nuzlockeforums,432929259 nuzlockeforums,432929259 Special thanks to xLink and Jezabell for the Pokelink app. Pokelink dynamically tracks your team and badges as you...
  18. Be my mirror, my sword and shield - A Shield Nuzlocke

    Okay, so I have been planning on posting my current nuzlockes in a while, but I couldn't on Tapatalk's forums due to it being unable to make me post stuff, and lucky I found this place. I got Sword and Shield for my birthday, and I already finished Sword and almost Shield, and I made a second...
  19. SimplyUnknown

    Thoughts and Musings Through Pokemon Shield (Spoiler Heavy)

    So as of posting this first post, there are only 6 days until November 15th, 2019. Which means there are only 6 days until the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, the first mainstream Pokemon games for the Switch! :yay: Finally, a Pokemon game with multiple save files! At least, if it's...