pokemon ruby

  1. DampieNWC

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Power of Random - A Ruby "Similar Strength" Wedlocke

    Howdy! The name's Damp. You may know me from the Nuzlocke World Cup (winning team) or Nuzvivor Sinnoh (15th place), and I have some good experience in Nuzlocking. Today, I will be telling a story of a Pokemon Ruby Wedlocke, but as a Similar Strength Randomizer. The Power of Random is a clever...
  2. Zefalcon

    Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Exclusionlocke

    Hello, folks, and welcome back to the Exclusionlocke! This time we’re entering the third generation with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire! These games introduced a lot of new things, so let’s go over those now. First and foremost - abilities. These drastically changed how the game was played...
  3. THKS

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Mon (COMPLETED) Back to Basics: A Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke

    Well, it was eventual that I had to take part in a Ruby Nuzlocke sooner or later. It feels like I need a pallet cleanser after the disastrous stint in the Pinwheel Forest of Volt White, and I want to see if I can honour the founding forefather of what would go on to become the Nuzlocke. This one...
  4. Ciel

    Screenshot Hoenn General Commentary Mon Matching Colors to Limit Break! - A Pokémon Ruby Breaklocke

    Hello again, and welcome to my first ever documented Nuzlocke, and what I believe is my... fifth attempt at doing Nuzlocke in general! After some good pondering about what kind of rules I should follow for my first documented Nuzlocke challenge, I finally decided on making my own. The result...
  5. celebrandas

    Written Story Hoenn Mature Gijinka [CANCELLED] A Slayer Wanders Through Hoenn (Ruby)

    Welcome to my second attempt at a nuzlocke! This time, I'm playing a game that I know really well (Pokemon Ruby), and I'm adding in some extra rules to go with the story I want to write. The ruleset is loosely based on the Slayer characters from the Gotrek & Felix and Realmslayer series, and the...