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  1. ArsSanctum

    Screenshot Written Log Commentary The Long Road - A Hardcore Regionlocke

    Howdy all! I'm ArsSanctum: a long time lurker of these forums and a prior poster! Mind, I don't remember if I used this handle and just deleted everything or if I used a different handle, but it would have been nearly a decade ago... Anyway, I've been lurking about and reading many of the...
  2. SerenityVitality

    Fan Mixed Media General Pokémon: Dream Team Quest

    Hello everyone! I just thought of a new challenge! This is Pokémon: Dream Team Quest, a set of walkthrough videos that have an in-story twist! It's something that I thought about doing for a long time now, and I'm finally ready to give it a shot! Now... Let's get started, shall we? This chapter...
  3. Corviknight best birb

    Written Story Kanto Mature Mon After the War - A Pokemon Red Apocalocke

    Time for another nuzlocke with a very inconsistent update schedule! Gen 1, while generally considered one of, if not the easiest generation to nuzlocke, I thought, what if it wasn't? And so here we are. Enjoy making fun of reading this! CW for war, death, and violence in case anyone is...
  4. HardcoreNuzlockes

    Kanto Written Log Mixed Media General [DISCONTINUED] Pokemon Red HARDCORE NUZLOCKE [Updated: 07/08/2021]

    1. You may only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in an area. If it faints or runs away, the encounter for that area is lost. → The area a Pokemon was caught in is defined by the "Met on:" text in its Summary. Pokemon that hatch from an egg are considered an exception to this. The area...
  5. Train27

    Screenshot Kanto Written Log Teen Commentary Mon A Legend Rises: The first of many

    So... I guess we're doing it! As this is the first thread in (hopefully) many to come, I guess this warrants an explanation: TL;DR; My intention is to play through the entire series in nuzlocke runs because the regular games low difficulty just makes it not fun for me. Back to the jam, in this...
  6. Hydrochlorinate

    Pokemon Möbius Red & Reacharound Blue 1.0

    So I saw surfe's hack of Pokemon Emerald, where each Pokemon evolves into the next every level by 'dex number, and I thought to myself, "Hey, you should be able to do that in the first games as well!", and so I booted up my pokered editor and created this hack. However, instead of each Pokemon...
  7. Cloverhandreader

    Written Log Kanto General Mon Cloverhand's first Nuzlocke of Red. The first of many

    I bought Red today and a few weeks ago my friend gave me her mum's old Gameboy Pocket so of course I'm going to start a Nuzlocke on it Today I'm just going to post the rules and tomorrow I should hopefully have the first part up I'm looking forward to hopefully finishing it and getting to...
  8. Screenshot Kanto Commentary "Just get on with it!" a Pokémon Red Nuzlocke

    Alright, this is my first (second technically but eh.) proper nuzlocke and I think I realized what I was doing wrong. I was trying to hard. I was trying all sorts of different rulesets when I finally had an epiphany, just do a normal nuzlocke. Shocking I know. But yeah, special rulesets to make...
  9. Fullmental

    Written Story Kanto Teen Mon Pokemon Generations: RBY

    2019 update: We're moving to the new forums, so I get to re-post this! Due to the nature of manual thread migrations, none of the original replies to this thread can be carried over. Instead, I will be consolidating the two chapters so far into this one starting thread, and will be updating from...
  10. Kadew

    Comic Kanto General Mon Kurukkoo!

    A Pokemon Red Version Nuzlocke Comic (may contain bird pokemon) [READ ON DEVIANTART] [READ ON SMACKJEEVES] [ALSO HAS A TUMBLR] 2016 Best Dialogue 2017 Funniest Comic 2017 Best Rival🥇2019 Best Supporting Character (Blue)🥇
  11. WildTonyAppears

    Video Kanto Mature Commentary Kanto Turn Back ~ a daft Gen 1 Nuzlocke that is probably cursed

    "You look fly today." Kanto Turn Back, a Pokemon Red Nuzlocke run by WildTonyAppears Hello, fellow Nuzlockers! After years of dabbling in the fine art of Pokemon, I have seen the highs (sweeping teams of legendaries online) and the lows (getting completely thumped by a Rotom-Wash), and I was...