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pokemon omega ruby

  1. moonfly

    Written Story Hoenn General Mon Drifting Lilies - a Pokémon Omega Ruby Nuzlocke

    Hey everyone! I’m moonfly, and I’m extremely new. I’ve done nuzlockes for maybe a year? Two? Now, but discovered the nuzlocke discord just about a month ago when looking for people to chat about my runs to, and from there found out about nuzlocke forums and that posting stories of your nuzlocke...
  2. Izuna's Spider

    Hoenn Mixed Media Teen Mon Chance to Change

    Hello everyone, I'm glad you found the way to this page and hope you enjoy the run as well as I enjoyed making it. Thanks for the visit and have virtual cookie -> 🍪 Chance to Change is a OmegaRuby nuzlocke run, the story is told in German and English. Most children wish to start a Pokémon...
  3. Zephyr_Iphis

    Written Story Hoenn Teen Mon Running Hot

    Sometimes in order to move forward, you have to look back. Or at least that’s what Latios says. So when the latest in a series of catastrophes sets her adrift, Ren tries to square with her demons and everything else, good and bad, that led her to this tipping point and plunged her over the edge...
  4. Shamditioner

    Comic Hoenn Mature Gijinka Guardian- An Omega Ruby Gijinkalocke

    HEY HEY HEY WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF GUARDIAN THE GREAT GIJINKALOCKE WITH A DUMB BIG BROTHER WHOS A STONER AND A tinnie tiny baby siter :} but really this is my nuzlocke comic that ive been working on for about 2 years now ?? theres 10 pages up, so im just gonna post em all in this post cause im...
  5. Salt&PepperBunny

    Comic Hoenn General Mon Finding Your Roots

    Best Main Character 2019 Welcome to Finding Your Roots! This comic is an Omega Ruby earthlocke that is told in the style of a Pokemon Mystery Dungeons story. Meaning, this is a human-less nuzlocke! Please do enjoy! Summary: Cedar the mudkip has always been an outcast, but she never let it get...