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  1. Ducklocke Extra: PokeSpeak History

    Ducklocke Extra: PokeSpeak History

    A lil extra for y'all till the next part comes out! Was gonna post this after all the parts for the first part of my nuzlocke were out but that's taking a bit long so here's a treat! Duck gives her companions a history lesson! :] (and cuz I'm lame people that speak pokemon are called PokeSpeakers)
  2. Pokemon White Ducklocke: Part 7

    Pokemon White Ducklocke: Part 7

  3. Video Let's Play Teen First Nuzlocke ever! [Pokemon Insurgence] [Video Series]

    Hello guys, so I started my first ever Nuzlocke on stream and I'm making it a edited YouTube series! Every type of help or Feedback is appreciated! I'm going to update this Thread with new Episodes every time i release one, but you can also Subscribe to get notified! #1: #2:
  4. TheDoggoKing

    Pkmn X Nuzlocke Writing The journey of Monoa

    Chapter one will be from the start of the beginning town to the start of the first gym challenge. The theme of the story is challenging yourself and never being afraid of starting. The story will introduce (Chespin) Monoa and the potential teammates he will encounter throughout the chapter. His...
  5. TheLastUnicornInOz

    Comic Galar Teen Mon Pokemon Royal Nuzlocke (Pokemon Shield)

    Hey dears!!! Welcome to my First Nuzlocke!! I won't get into too much here but I will try and update weekly or bi-weekly. Additionally, this Nuzlocke will be completely changing most of the story of Pokemon Sword and Shield as I have allot of issues with it. As such, I hope to try and do my...
  6. nuclear-smash


    (everything was in general Cammy White's head, there was no such thing as "pokemon") (also that Veemon has 2 armour evolutions and also can turn into Ulforce Veemon X-antibody)