pokemon moon

  1. HoloMew151

    Screenshot Alola Teen Lunar Wonder - A Wonderlocke Screenshot Run of Pokemon Moon

    Howdy folks and welcome to my first Nuzlocke run on this forum. For this run, I am off to the land of Alola, the land of neverending sunshine (and tutorials). I will be running by the Wonderlocke rules, which pertain to Wonder Trade. So that’s it for this post. Next post, I’ll be hoping...
  2. spacesriot

    Comic Alola Teen Gijinka Champion's Mercy [A Pokemon Moon Gijinkalocke]

    Champion's Mercy < deviantart <> comicfury <> tumblr > After moving back to Alola, Axel Barnes is determined to complete the island challenge and go on his own journey-- but his past in the region haunts him. RULES ARCHIVE CHAPTER 1 - RISING UP Page 1 // Page 2 // Page 3 //...
  3. RikuKitsune

    How do you start an egglocke?

    I get the basic concept of an eggLocke, but I’m not sure how you start one when not using an emulator. Do you catch and trade as you go, or catch a bunch of early game mon and load up on eggs at the very beginning? Do nuzlocke rules still apply to the “throwaways” I’d use to trade? Do I even...
  4. Uberle

    Written Story Alola Teen Step Up: A Randomized Moon Storylocke

    Hello I am Uberle And welcome to my first go at a fully written run Why yes I am very nervous So ruleset is pretty generic 1. First encounter 2. Nickname everything 3. Faint=Box Now quick notes about the randomization Alola has a weird reaction to being randomized See trainer's Pokemon are...
  5. Zephyr_Iphis

    Written Story Alola Teen Mon The Night Grows Pale

    The Night Grows Pale A Sun & Moon Dual Nuzlocke About: Dual Protagonists, one from Alola and one from Johto, embark on the Island Challenge together. When long-time internet friends Makani and Azophi finally meet in person, it feels like life is taking a turn for the better. Along with Makani's...
  6. TwistedEerie

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Penumbra: A Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke

    "It all comes together." Status: Started 2017 (Ongoing) Updates: once a month This comic will contain swearing and mature themes like death and violence/gore etc. (13+) other content warnings will be listed on the updates they appear in *RECORD SCRATCH* *FREEZE FRAME* "Yup. That's me. You're...