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pokemon leafgreen

  1. ShmoopieGoo

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Mon Another Freakin' Screenshot Adventure, 'cept i'm bad. [LeafGreen]

    Hey, wassup? Name's Shmoop, This is the first time i'm doing anything like this, and i'm the worst at nuzlockes (mainly due to the speed up button on VBA). Basically gonna play leafgreen with the basic three rules (1st encounter on every route, They faint they dead for good, and always nickname...
  2. holdinglines

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Forgotten Fables

    Aesop is on the run, desperately trying to reunite with her mother and escape the country together to live in peace. However, things quickly spiral out of control. ~~ :hello: RULES :hello: ~~ :flyaway: PAGES :flyaway: ~~
  3. Legend: A Leafgreen Nuzlocke [Ch 1]

    Legend: A Leafgreen Nuzlocke [Ch 1]

    CH 1 of my Leafgreen Nuzlocke is finally uploaded!
  4. ASmolBird

    Written Log Mixed Media Mature Commentary Childhood Memories (A Leaf Green Run)

    Hello! First run on the new site! Making use of my PSP for gaming on the GBA games.
  5. ShiroInu

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon [COMPLETED] Shiro's Trial: a Nuzlocke Adventure in Kanto

    Welcome to the first in what will hopefully be a long series of nuzlockes through each region, featuring my main character Shiro. Updates are infrequent (damn ADHD), but the quality is always top notch. THE RULES: 1.: If a Pokemon faints, they are considered dead. Release them. 2.: Only the...
  6. angryskitty

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Nuzlocke on Ice

    NUZLOCKE ON ICE a (sort of) monolocke of Leafgreen | Rated Teen for language and blood | Updates Fridays | | Gameplay: done || Comic: in progress | Support me: Patreon | Ko-fi | Buy a commission Other links: Deviantart | Tumblr | Smackjeeves Instagram | Twitter | Newgrounds CURRENT TEAM...