pokemon gaia

  1. Valerie

    Screenshot A Blind Pokemon Gaia Nuzlocke [Semi HC]

    Greetings fellow Nuzlockers! Welcome to my blind Nuzlocke of Pokemon Gaia! With blind, I mean completely blind since I literally know nothing about this hack at all. I just thought it looked pretty neat and went for it. I will be playing with semi-hardcore rules, because I don't have enough...
  2. Pale smoke

    Written Story Teen I'd curse the gods if they weren't my pokemon - A pokemon Gaia Lorelocke

    Oh look at that, i started another nuzlocke Anyway a bit of a warning for a bit of swearing, not very often though. Also body horror, a bit of body horror. Anyway the rules! And with that, onto the story Cw: Slight body horror Herakles, huh? Fitting. "Well Herakles, we're going to...
  3. WalkingOnCars

    Written Story Fan Game The Gauntlet: A pokemon Gaia Storylocke

    Hi! I used to be active on this forum many years ago, but I'm back with a new account and ready to start writing again! If you haven't heard of Pokemon Gaia, it's a rom-hack of Fire-Red but with an entire fan made region and plot. I've failed my past 4 attempts at completing it, but I have a...