pokemon firered omega

  1. THKS

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Hack Mon (COMPLETED) Set for Uncertainty: Pokemon Fire Red Omega Nuzlocke

    Hello, everyone! This is THKS, and I'm going to be doing a Nuzlocke, and for the first time, I will be documenting a run of Fire Red Omega. I first noticed this game when Jake McAulay was doing a Nuzlocke on that game, and I thought "If he can do it, then so can I!", so here we are. Now, I'm no...
  2. Cee

    Screenshot Kanto General Commentary Hack Mon Running Through Non-Stop Death - Nuzlocking All of Drayano's Games

    So, I've done more than a few Nuzlockes in my day. Out of all them, many never get finished, simply due to me losing interest. Then, of course, I lose lots more. So how many have I won? ..... One. A Pokemon Sapphire Randomizer Nuzlocke. Which of course makes me the most qualified person in the...