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pokemon fire red

  1. Repti_0822

    Screenshot Kanto General Journey through the Generations :D

    Hey guys! I'm going to start a new run today, and it's going to be a Generationlocke going through all the generations with a team. The games will be in the thread description and the rules are going to be posted below!
  2. The Team

    The Team

  3. bubba485

    Kanto Mixed Media General Mon My First Ever Nuzlocke (Fire Red)

    Part I: The Game, the Rules, and the First Steps Hello fellow Nuzlockers, both new and seasoned veterans, I'm bubba485, long time fan and player of the Pokémon games. I have never done a Nuzlocke before, but I have watched a few videos on YouTube, mainly the two runs done by Jaiden Animations...
  4. ashtrayscomics

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Into the Fire - Leaf's Fire Red Nuzlocke

    Four years late to choosing her starter, Leaf is finally ready to leave her small hometown in order to repay a debt she owes to a mysterious Pokemon from her past. She has barely any experience with Pokemon and battling, but with a grumpy Bulbasaur by her side, a ragtag group of Pokemon friends...
  5. Crusticus

    Ongoing Pokemon Hack Fire Red Hack Pokemon Fire Red XL

    Hello everyone, and welcome to my thread for my new ROM hack: Pokemon Fire Red XL. Plans, Features, and More Pokemon Fire Red XL isn't going to be another 386/493/649/809+ etc hack. No. That's too much. SwSh opened my eyes. I am saying that 100% unironically. This game is supposed to be an...