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pokemon emerald

  1. AmossyRock

    Comic Hoenn INTERNSHIP: a Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke

    Hello! Sooooooo, I had the hitch to make a nuzlocke for the longest time. I used to draw crappy, meme filled comics back in 2012 when the trend was still new, but those were pure cringe. And here we are, I finally gathered the courage to do something: this will be a passion project of mine I...
  2. incomescrane

    Comic Hoenn Teen Emerald Run: A Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke

    EMERALD RUN In a Hoenn that is home to a brewing war between rival cults, a lone trainer is sent to stop them from messing with forces far beyond their control. Heya everyone, and welcome to the beautiful Hoenn of Emerald Run, a nuzlocke comic that has been kicking around in my head ever...

    Comic Hoenn General Mon THE NATEVENTURE - A (funny) Pokémon Emerald nuzlocke comic

    Hi!!! Do you like cartoons? Do you like Slapstick? Do you like to laugh...
  4. Void

    Written Story Screenshot Hoenn Mixed Media Teen Mon Void's Cosmic Emerald Nuzlocke

    Hello there! I'm Void, and this is my first recorded nuzlocke! I felt inspired to post a run myself after reading some runs from the early 2010s, so here we are! I'm using very basic rules, one encounter per route, if it faints box it, dupes clause, shiny clause, nothing fancy. I'm also playing...
  5. Blaziken the Nuzlocker

    Screenshot Hoenn General Commentary Mon Hopefully successful- Pokemon emerald Theta EX nuzlocke

    Hello all! Blaziken the nuzlocker here, welcome to my attempt at Pokemon Emerald Theta EX. Pokémon emerald was the first pokemon game I ever played, is my favorite official pokémon game, and has my favorite starter AND pokémon (probably obvious but that’s Blaziken), along with my favorite...
  6. Echoplasm

    The Nuzlocke But I Add A New Rule After Every Important Battle - A Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke

    So recently my friend on pokemon showdown (this online pokemon battling site) recommended me to start playing a pokemon nuzlocke. They've actually written their own nuzlocke adventure on this site, Legends Of Hoenn, the link is...
  7. DetectiveZvarri

    Video Hoenn Teen Mon 1Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Run(Updates Sunday(Cancelled)/Wednesday)

    Hello, I am starting a pokemon emerald nuzlocke run that I will update twice a week. This is my first ever nuzlocke run, but I've played through emerald and all the other pokemon games a bajillion times. I will be doing voice commentary for every single video. I apologize if the mic is a bit...
  8. PMDPikachu

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Mon 7.8 Too Much Water: An Emerald Water Monolocke

    Welp. Here goes nothing! Tune in next time for another exciting episode! Constructive criticism is my drug!
  9. TommyLew

    Video Hoenn Hoenn, a paradise on Earth? - Pokemon Emerald Randomized Unlocke

    Hello there, adventurers. Here lies the start of an epic journey through Hoenn to become the Pokemon Champion. However, it wont be easy due to the fact this is no regular Nuzlocke, this is in fact an Unlocke. Each badge we attain will unlock a certain aspect of the game for us for example: Badge...
  10. HanChat

    Video Hoenn Commentary My First Nuzlocke Run - Pokemon Emerald

    Hi all, First of all, I have to say that this community seems awesome, and I'm super excited to have found it. I recently decided to start my first ever nuzlocke run on Pokemon Emerald (+randomizer) and post it on youtube. I'll be posting the episodes here daily, and I'd love to get your guys'...
  11. Smoothie

    Written Story Screenshot Hoenn General Hack Mon Seigi No Ken (Sword of Justice) - A Theta Emerald Renev StoryShot

    Hello everyone, I would like to welcome you all to the pinnacle of my creativity. My most ambitious work to date which I hope will inspire you a little bit too. This StoryShot (A Screenshot run combined with a Written Story) was born from the desire I have had for so long to share a story with...
  12. ShiroInu

    Comic Hoenn Teen Mon Shiro's Quest: A Nuzlocke Adventure in Hoenn

    Welcome to the second arc of Shiro's saga! If you haven't read the first part, you can find it here: Shiro's Trial, a Nuzlocke Adventure in Kanto. THE RULES: 1.: If a Pokémon faints, they are considered dead. Release them. 2.: Only the first encounter in any area may be caught. An "Area" is...
  13. PixieDust65

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Other Adventure Mon My Personalized Emerald Nuzlocke - Left w/ Two

    Hello there person willing to check out my incomplete run! My name is PixieDust and this is my first post. "Oh no... it's one of the new ones." Yeah well we were all new at some point. So, to start off there won't be a lot of content for this because it's only the tail-end of my run. I didn't...
  14. Nate

    Video Hoenn Fan Game Teen Team CobraStryke LightningBolt Presents: Pokemon Kaizo Emerald Nuzlocke

    Hey, everyone! Starting this week in Team Cobrastryke Lightningbolt's Pokemon Wednesday slot, we will be doing a Nuzlocke of Pokemon Kaizo Emerald, a hack by SinisterHoodedFigure! We sure would appreciate it if you kept up with us! cobrastryke_lightningbolt,48530413
  15. pkmnMasterWheeler

    Video Hoenn General Pokemon Emerald Nostalgialocke!

    Welcome everyone to Pokemon Emerald Nostalgialocke! This is a nuzlocke that I've been streaming on my Twitch channel every Saturday, so I figured it was time to get this run set up with its own thread! (And then took about 3 weeks to actually make one V: ) This is a fairly vanilla run, and it's...
  16. Pokemon Emerald Nostalgialocke! Part 1

    Pokemon Emerald Nostalgialocke! Part 1

    pkmnMasterWheeler - Pokémon Emerald - Twitch
  17. Hydrochlorinate

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Mon [On Hiatus!] Green Eggs and Pasta: A Mobius Reacharound Emerald Nuzlocke

    Ok, here we go... Welcome to my nuzlocke of Mobius Reacharound Emerald! This is a Romhack created by @surfe that makes it so that every time a Pokemon levels up, it evolves into the next pokemon in the Pokedex. Sounds fun right? Here’s the kicker though. I’ve never played Emerald. I’ve...
  18. Vaporwave-Man

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Commentary Panic at the Disco's 7.8/10 Pokemon Emerald Randomized Journey(FAILED

    Hi. I decided to redact the last thread I made, so I decided why not take a break from Unova and head to Hoenn. Here are the rules. Ok. Cool. Here is an update.
  19. Heroes of Hoenn P20

    Heroes of Hoenn P20

  20. surfe

    Hack Mobius Reacharound Emerald Mobius Orange Special Deoxys Edition (just a fix)

    What if every Pokemon in the Hoenn dex evolved into the Pokemon immediately after it, eventually looping around back to Treecko? Do you think that would be rad? Do you think that would be stupid? Well regardless of what you think this thing exists now so here you are. Challenge yourself by...