pokemon conquest

  1. Norhian Samur

    Screenshot Let's Play Pokemon Conquest if it was actually Pokemon x Fire Emblem

    So I've been itching to do something on the forums proper that isn't just mafia, so I decided to do this. I feel like I remember one of these being done on the old forums but my ruleset will probably be a good bit different. Anyway Pokemon Conquest is a turn based strategy game, designed by...
  2. Mattman324

    Screenshot Let's Play THE EEVEE SWARMS ARE IN - Let's Play And Hopefully 100% Pokemon Conquest!

    Pokemon Conquest is an... interesting game. It's definitely a first game, because my god it's rough around the edges, but it attempts a lot and it succeeds at a lot too. Which is even more amazing because it's a crossover between Pokemon and Nobunaga's Ambition of all the series! Most people who...