pokemon b/w

  1. Pudd

    Comic Unova Mature Mon Pudd Does Pokémon White

    I dunno how these really work, but I guess I'll figure it out, I dunno, I'll probably like... post comics each day, I'll get a bunch done at once and post 'em whenever, yeah? Yeah. [/Spoiler] *dab* Rated Mature because I dunno what jokes I'll make, nothing too crazy, but, there'll be swears...
  2. TheLastUnicornInOz

    Written Story Unova Mixed Media Mature Mon Squandered Potential

    The Road to Redemption isn't an easy one. "Call it fate, call it divine intervention, or maybe just dumb luck. But after years of violence and working under the thumb of an infuriating boss, seven assassins are given a second chance to do the right thing in their lives in a region torn apart by...
  3. Kirilish

    Comic Unova Teen This World We Share [B/W Randomized Soul Link]

    GAME STATUS: COMPLETE | COMIC STATUS: ONGOING (PART 1) SUMMARY Luka Ersatz is a rising idol taking on the gym challenge for the sake of reality TV, armed only with his Pokedex and a Dratini who acts more like his mother than his partner. Lucy Rowan is an unregistered trainer threatening to...