pokemon black nuzlocke

  1. TheLastUnicornInOz

    Written Story Unova Mixed Media Mature Mon Squandered Potential

    The Road to Redemption isn't an easy one. "Call it fate, call it divine intervention, or maybe just dumb luck. But after years of violence and working under the thumb of an infuriating boss, seven assassins are given a second chance to do the right thing in their lives in a region torn apart by...
  2. NightFlowerLuv

    Screenshot Unova Teen Mon Luv's Hot-Blooded Black Nuzlocke

    Hello, everyone! I figured since this is my first thread here and I just joined I should give a bit of background because my approach to Nuzlocke is both very standard and very weird at the same time. I'm NightFlowerLuv, Luv for short! I've been dabbling in Nuzlocke Challenges for... gosh...
  3. nananananannaanananana symbisosis

    nananananannaanananana symbisosis

    new comic thingy im trying yay woopdy doo