pokemon alpha sapphire

  1. Algen

    Gem Eyed Babel - A story in the pokemon world

    Hello everyone. This is a story I have been working for about a year now. It takes place in the Hoenn region and features original characters travelling around the region and beyond. It takes great inspiration from nuzlocke comics and other facets of the pokemon franchise. Its up on Archive of...
  2. Rosyfox2002

    Comic Hoenn Teen Mon Obsidian Sky- An OR/AS Nuzlocke Comic

    The land screams with fire and resolution. The ocean sings a cold, calculated hym. The sky bores forth a mystery of stars and stories. And what of you? What will you make of yourself in this colossal world of yours? A comic about three young trainers finding themselves in a region rife with...
  3. Amphoen

    Video Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova Kalos Alola Galar Other Adventure Mon My Trainer Career - Multi Gen Leaguelocke

    Johto & Kanto Hello everyone and welcome to the start of my Pokémon journey, this thread will follow my progress through the Pokémon world as I aspire to become a League recognised Pokémon Master! …Doing that is easier said than done as I have to follow the Leagues rule to participate: My...
  4. Sterling-Starlight

    Written Story Hoenn Teen Mon One Careful Step At a Time

    So I was able to find the website I've been using to host my screenshots for Isekai, but there's only enough for one more update. So until I get my main PC fixed, Isekai will be on Hiatus. I've actually had this kicking around in my head for a while, but never got around to actually writing it...
  5. Faleep

    Written Story Hoenn Teen Blazing Waves AS Nuzlocke

    Rating: Teen Warning: Potential MCD (not yet, but in the future. You know how Nuzlocke runs are. Won’t be anything graphic though.) Game: Alpha Sapphire Rules: 1)Only one Pokémon was allowed to be caught per route. 2)No duplicate Pokémon may be caught, including evolutionary relatives and...